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My practice is focused on supporting women with hormone balance from perimenopause through menopause in AZ, CA & WA states.

Hormone Optimization

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Would you like to upgrade and regain your life?

Where did this muffin top come from? No amount of exercise or dieting is making a difference.

I wish I had more sexual desire, but intimacy is increasingly uncomfortable.

My family, boss, and co-workers have never gotten on my last nerve as they do now. Is it me?

There's a lot of hair on my
brushes and in the sink.
Where did I leave my keys?

I'm tired, despite going to bed on time.

I have frequent and strong urges to urinate & occasionally don't make it to the restroom in time.

Hot flashes and body aches keep me from achieving restful sleep.

Mid-life is full of changes, many of which are driven by hormone imbalance including hot flashes, low sex drive, low libido and more. How many of these statements apply to you?


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It is a time in a woman’s life, usually between ages 45-55, when her menstrual periods stop permanently.


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Generally starts in woman’s early to mid 40s and can last as long as a decade before menopause.


Hormone optimization protocols differ when a patient is in perimenopause and menopause.  

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I have over two decades of conventional and integrative healthcare experience. For my hormone optimization work here at Radiant Health Collaborative, I studied and practiced using bioidentical hormone replacement with the prestigious IOBIM using their Menopause Method program.  

Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner

Heathar Parisi

Andropause support for men


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What is Andropause? It comes from two Greek words,“Andras” (human male) and “pause” (a cessation). Taken literally, andropause is defined as a syndrome associated with a decrease in sexual satisfaction or a decline in a feeling of general well-being with low levels of testosterone in men.

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hormone optimization

Let's start optimizing and realigning your hormones for long-term, sustainable results.

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Why I Use Organic

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Because 99% of the product in your hormone bottle is the base, The hormone formulations I use are comprised of 100% certified organic oil bases and contain zero chemical solvents. Other compounds that use gels and creams often contain a potentially toxic solvent as well as chemical additives. Over the course of a year, users of these gels and creams could rub more than a quart of the compound into their skin. Menopause Method offers the same hormones in 100% certified organic oil bases. 

It's that simple.

Why I use Organic

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